To all registered pilgrims:

The pilgrimage organization provides free of charge:

  • Breakfast except Saturday breakfast (jam toast, tea, coffee, hot chocolate …)
  • Water
  • bread

Provide your own dishes (cup, plate, cutlery, napkin …)

For Adult chapters:

  • in the evening on the bivouac, hot soup served and sale of sausages-chips. Provide additional meals if necessary.
  • at lunchtime, provide something to garnish the bread provided by the pilgrimage and provide snacks for the day.

For adult logistics:

Check with your department manager to find out if packed lunches are provided. If not, plan the same meals as the Adults chapters.

For the Children, Adolescent and Disabled chapters:

The organization provides all meals  and snacks except breakfast and lunch on Saturday so plan snacks and picnics.

For supervisors (adults) and for members of the logistics of these chapters, a contribution  of 5 € / day / person will be  paid at the time of registration or on site at the Children’s secretariat through the chapter head.

As a bonus: wine stand* on the bivouacs, for a very affordable price.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To consume with moderation. Any excess may be expelled from the pilgrimage.

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